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    What is a landlord’s responsibility around asbestos?

    By Ella G / 22 November 2018

      The presence of asbestos in a rental property is never good news, for both the tenant and landlord. For the former, it’s a substance that can cause undue health problems. For the latter, asbestos can be costly to remove or maintain. While both parties don’t want asbestos to be a problem, questions often arise […]


      How to become a certified electrician in New Zealand

      By Saranya / 20 July 2018

      If you are thinking of becoming a certified electrician in New Zealand, now is a great time to consider it. New Zealand has gone through a boom in construction all over the country over the last three years and is predicted to grow at a similar rate for the coming years, thanks to the increase […]


        Why You Should NEVER Trust a Land Seller

        By Jason Duop / 16 October 2016

        We’ve all had great ideas about building our own home. What we don’t realise is just how time consuming and stressful it really is. Will builders cooperate? Will they get it right? What does a perfect kitchentop look like? One thing we forget to consider is the land you’re building your house in. No I’m […]


          Metal wall cladding makes your home look even OLDER

          By Jason Duop / 16 October 2016

          So you’ve found the perfect house. The kitchen was recently renovated. The yard is the right size for the kids to kick a ball in. Everything is in mint condition. There’s just one small thing you can’t seem to get past – the ugly exterior. Red bricks aren’t for everyone. Creme wood isn’t for everyone […]


            2016 Renovation Ideas You Need to Consider

            By Jason Duop / 8 October 2016

            When things don’t look right, a quitter sells up and moves to a new house. A champ sees potential and renovates their house. Renovating adds value to your home and simply makes it a more pleasant place to spend your evenings. Here are six renovating trends that have taken 2016 by storm: 1. Kitchen open […]


              What a “House of the Year” Award Home Looks like Inside

              By Jason Duop / 4 October 2016

              You’ve seen the stunning hedges and impressive brickwork of houses of the year. But have you ever wanted to step into a judges shoes and walk inside a house of the year? Here’s what a gold category house in upmarket St Kilda looks like. This beauty was built by Urban Homes and won the Local […]


                Why you should fix that leaky roof ASAP

                By Jason Duop / 2 October 2016

                I love rainy days like today. It’s always so peaceful watching the droplets roll down my windows… and drip from my ceiling. Sigh. I also can’t help but notice the patches of mould that grow around my leaky ceiling. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always ignored my leaky ceilings. That was until today when […]


                  How Lawn Drainage Instantly Adds Value to Your Property

                  By Jason Duop / 7 September 2016

                  When you’re looking into a property, what’s one of the first things you’ll see? Whether you’re buying a new house or a small business, one of the first things you will notice is the lawns. And let me tell you now, no one wants to buy a swampland. Now let’s put yourself in the sellers […]


                    The Best Way to Spend your $40 Million Lotto Winnings

                    By Jason Duop / 8 July 2016

                    I’m going to win Lotto this weekend. Well I’d like to think I will. Here’s what I plan on doing with my winnings – and if I don’t win, here’s what you could do! Firstly, here are the boring, serious stuff you should consider… Build a luxury home You just won Lotto. All that money sitting […]


                      Rentvesting: How Smarter Kiwi’s are Retiring

                      By Jason Duop / 30 June 2016

                      Are you a rentvester? Do you even know what rentvesting is? In short, it could be the new Kiwi dream. Rentvesting is buying a house and renting it out often to secure a place for retirement Rentvesting is essentially the clever Kiwi’s way of securing their own home in a location they love at today’s […]

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