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Why Trades in New Zealand Are Largely Male Dominant

9 June 2022

Only 3% of tradespeople are women It is widely known that the trades in New Zealand are largely male dominant. According to, about 50% of the population are women, but less than 3% of construction trades people are women.  When we read these statistics, the key question the comes to mind is, “Why are […]


Choosing The Best Heavy Machinery Seating For A Tradie

27 May 2022

Introduction There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what is the best seating for a tradie using machinery and heavy equipment. However, there are some factors that should be considered when choosing a seat for this type of work.  First, the seat should be comfortable and supportive, as the tradie will be sitting […]


5 Examples of Tradesman Software that will Make Life Easier for Tradies in 2022

3 December 2021

The amount of paperwork and administration that tradies have to do is out of control. Fortunately, there are many apps for tradesman that will take care of this for you. Lets have a look at five examples of software or apps for tradesman that will save time, increase productivity, and give you peace of mind.


Tradify vs Fergus: Selecting the Top App for Tradespeople

26 October 2021

In the battle for top tradies app, New Zealand has produced some really strong contenders. Google searches reveal that Tradify vs Fergus is one of the most frequently searched question in this space. Both Tradify and Fergus are well known in New Zealand. But what about Simpro, Aroflo ServiceM8 or iTrade? How do they compare? […]

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