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Covid-19 contributes to shortage of plumbing, electrical and glass supplies

10 May 2021

According to RNZ, more than a year after Covid-19 hit New Zealand’s economy, tradies are finding it hard to source the materials and supplies they need for jobs. RNZ spoke to glass, tile, and heating and ventilation suppliers who were reporting similar delays. A shortage of building supplies is preventing the construction sector from delivering […]


7 Tips for Maintaining Automatic Gates (Pre-Winter)

31 March 2021

With winter just around the corner it is important to make sure that your automatic gates work consistently, smoothly, and reliably. The best time to do this is at least one month before those first frosts kick in (often May in Hamilton). 1. Schedule Maintenance Intervals How frequently you service your automatic gates will depend […]


What Electrical work am I legally allowed to DIY in New Zealand?

3 August 2018

The DIY trend DIY or “Do It Yourself” is a trending practice in fashion, home accessories, crafts and now even electrical work! Building or repairing things yourself can be such a feel-good factor and it’s something you can do with friends, family or take it up as a solo mission. However, if you live in […]


How to become a certified electrician in New Zealand

20 July 2018

If you are thinking of becoming a certified electrician in New Zealand, now is a great time to consider it. New Zealand has gone through a boom in construction all over the country over the last three years and is predicted to grow at a similar rate for the coming years, thanks to the increase […]

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