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Top 10 Inspirational Bathrooms You Will Love in Your House and Land Package

15 September 2021

If you have purchased a house and land package, or are thinking about it, here are ten beautiful bathrooms and en suites to inspire you.  House and land packages frequently come with suggested house plans included. However, every opportunity exists to bring your own preferences to the final creation. Talk to your builder and ask […]


How to reduce electricity costs in New Zealand

30 September 2020

If you live in one of the colder cities in NZ, you are likely to be paying a considerable amount of money on your electricity bills through the year. Wonder which appliances are costing you the most and how you can reduce electrical costs? You’d be surprised. Electricity costs for household appliances and how to […]


Does Bathroom Renovation Increase Your Home’s Value?

18 July 2020

There are several reasons why homeowners want to renovate their houses. One of the prevalent reasons is to increase the value of their homes. A lot of homeowners spend their time and money renovating the living room or the kitchen but pay less attention to the bathroom. But this a huge mistake that homeowners create […]


Best Home Builders in Hamilton, NZ

11 June 2020

Building a new home is one the most important decisions of your life, and you want to make sure you get the right person for the job. So, to help you find a reliable and experienced home builder in the Waikato region, we have put together a list of the top 5 home builders in […]

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