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    How Hamilton Became the New Auckland.

    By Jason Duop / 16 October 2016

    Exactly seven months ago an article was published on NZ Herald about the flood of Auckland home buyers investing in Hamilton. Shaun Cosgrave predicted this growth to continue throughout the year saying, “I personally feel there is still going to be growth this year. The fact that the OCR has dropped, and may potentially drop More Info »


      Kiwi’s Anticipate Another Fan Shortage this Summer

      By Jason Duop / 8 October 2016

      Do you remember the 2016 fan shortage? Sticky kiwis could be found all over the country as almost every retailer reported selling out on electric fans. Retailers were saying they needed to order three times their usual stock. Fans that would normally be seldom touched by customers were selling out – including fans as expensive More Info »


        The New Auckland Housing Crisis

        By Jason Duop / 26 February 2016

        Auckland might lose it’s position as being the most unlivable city in New Zealand – despite the Auckland City Council’s efforts to make it the most livable city in the world. Instead Wellington prices are slowly creeping up as Auckland’s red-hot market cools off. So how much do you need to save to live in More Info »


          #1 Real Estate Sales Consultant Shares Secret to Success

          By Jason Duop / 14 January 2016

          Shaun Cosgrave completely dominated the Harcourts regional awards in November, winning eight of the nine awards he was eligible for. The regional awards covered the July – September quarter and were highly competitive, encompassing all Harcourt’s sales consultants in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty region. The awards he received include: #1 Residential Sales Consultant for More Info »


            Builder Sells Multimillion Dollar Land to Recover from Debt

            By Jason Duop / 2 January 2016

            The housing crisis isn’t just hitting home buyers. A Hamilton building company has been ordered to sell $3.4 million of land by the High Court. All of this revenue will go straight to repaying debt. New Settler Homes, directed by Lijun Zhang, borrowed a significant amount of money from Aucklander Xiaozhen Liu. And when the More Info »


              What it Takes to be Apprentice of the Year

              By Jason Duop / 16 December 2015

              Tall, buff, knows the difference between a hammer and a handsaw and is probably qualified. This is what used to cut it for apprentices in New Zealand. Now with competition tightening, this is starting to toughen up. But what does it take to be a great apprentice? Like the Registered Master Builders Carters 2015 Apprentice of the Year? The 2015 More Info »


                Auckland Council Plans to Ban Open Fireplaces

                By Jason Duop / 10 October 2014

                The Auckland Council has announced plans to ban open fireplaces and old wood burners. The council estimates this plan will affect up to 85,000 homes within Auckland. These plans are set to be phased in over a few years. The council claimed that the burning of coal and wood raised the levels of pollutant PM10 inhaled More Info »