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5 Reasons Why Security Cameras Are Important for Home Security

21 June 2021

While New Zealand is a relatively safe place, there are still over 100,000 reported thefts per year. With surveillance technology having advanced significantly in recent years, it has become more affordable than ever to have a home security system. When it comes to security systems NZ has a great local selection of security cameras to choose from, helping protect your property from theft and criminals.


7 Tips for Maintaining Automatic Gates (Pre-Winter)

31 March 2021

With winter just around the corner it is important to make sure that your automatic gates work consistently, smoothly, and reliably. The best time to do this is at least one month before those first frosts kick in (often May in Hamilton). 1. Schedule Maintenance Intervals How frequently you service your automatic gates will depend […]


6 Best Home Alarm Systems in The Market

17 February 2020

Your home is a place where you want to feel safe and secure. For that, you need a security system that is reliable enough to provide you with the peace of mind you are searching for. Here are some of these systems that have been assessed in terms of major features before terming these home […]


Wired vs wireless security systems

28 June 2019

When determining the type of security camera or system you need, it is critical to understand the difference between wired security systems and wireless security systems. While it can seem pretty intuitive at first, the nuances between the three lie in the details. We know there’s a lot to consider when choosing a security system, […]

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