Tricks of the Trade for Choosing a Tradie

Although it is difficult to sum up ways to choose the best tradie when there are so many professions and points to consider, knowing some general tips can be extremely valuable. New Zealand is a service economy with many tradesmen offering their services and often have little distinguishing features.

1. Licensing is key

One of your first comparison points should be whether or not the tradie is licensed. This is the major make or break point. When looking for tradies for an important task, such as master builders, this is especially important.

2. References and Testimonials

If your potential tradie can’t back up what they say with someone elses opinions, they might not be trustable. Testimonials truly add substance and when genuine can be an extremaly useful source of information.


3. Portfolio

A portfolio isn’t always required for choosing any tradie. You wouldn’t need to see a portfolio for a plumber! But when the tradie is working on something with a high visual aspect, such as a house or delicacies, a portfolio is key. A portfolio allows you to see what they have created in the past, and more importantly, construct an idea of what they can create for you.Gallery

4. Price Check

Although we all want a bargain, sometimes searching for the absolute minimum price can be a disfavour. Price doesn’t always signify quality, but it can give you an insight into the business. Why is one gardeners price way below average – do they really want you to snag a bargain, or perhaps is their business in trouble? Why is one mechanic’s prices significantly high- and does this mean their price really does reflect high quality?

5. Agree on Timeframes and Contracts

Ensure you have established a detailed timeframe- this helps your tradie understand their requirements. It is also vital for getting jobs completed to time, or at least close to it. However do not arrange this timeframe on your own- you may be asking for more time than your tradie has! A contract is good for ensuring terms are agreed upon.

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