Refrigeration Specialists in Canterbury

    Are you looking for a trustworthy and experienced refrigeration specialist in the Canterbury region? Worry not, we have put together a list of top-rated refrigeration specialists along with all the information that you’d get to get the job done.

    Cool Air Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

    Cool Air Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration specialists in Canterbury. Located in Timaru, they serve farms, businesses, residencies and factories throughout South Canterbury with farm refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, freezer and cool rooms, and chiller trailer and ice.

    Cool Air is a member of Climate Controls Company Association and Fujitsu accredited installer. They guarantee professional advice and skilled installation processes.

    Phone: 03 684 8034/ 0274399408
    Address: 3 Cliff Street, Timaru 7910

    Here is a testimonial from one of Cool Air’s customers –
    “I had a heat pump installed in February…and would like to highly recommend….Cool Air Timaru…they are fast, efficient, provide a friendly professional, quality service, and were more than happy to answer any questions I had before and after installation!”



    Chillwell are refrigeration and air conditioning specialists in Christchurch and the Canterbury regions. They have 19 + years of experience in the field and work within the residential and commercial sectors and have a history of building close, long-standing relationships with our clients. They pride themselves on expertise, prompt service and flexible hours.

    Phone: 03 338 6869
    Address: 159 Sparks Road HoonHay

    Here’s a Google review from one of their customers –
    Jason at Chillwell seems to be able to fix anything – prompt, professional and a modern day Macgyver on the tools. As a small hospo business that relies on good refrigeration we are lucky to have ChillWell on speed dial.”



    Southfreeze Refrigeration Ltd is a Christchurch-based refrigeration and air conditioning company that offer commercial freezers, coolers, blast freezers and more. They have been operating in the Cantebury region since 1981 and have completed hundreds of installation contracts ranging in both domestic and commercial sites.

    Phone: 03 384 3374
    Email: Not available
    Address: Unit 4, 12 Newtown Street, Bromley, Christchurch, New Zealand

    Southfreeze have a 5.0 rating on Google, but no reviews.


    Christchurch Refrigeration & Electrical

    Christchurch Refrigeration & Electrical offer all commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, heat pumps, air conditioning installation, servicing and maintenance. They have been offering their services in Christchurch and Canterbury for over 30 years now.

    Phone: (03) 379 4307
    Address: 210 Wordsworth Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

    Here is a Google review from one of their customers –
    “Elderly mother had a heat pump installed by ChCh Refrigeration today and was thrilled with quality of service,  work ethic, neatness, manners, efficiency and fantastic price. Highly recommend.


    Alpine Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

    Alpine is a locally owned business providing their services in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury area. They offer refrigeration services and also heat pump installation and repairs. They have worked with a large variety of clients such as builders and construction companies, food manufacturers, property management and more.

    Phone: (03) 982 3103/ 021-207-8581
    Address: 6 Kennaway Rd, Woolston, Christchurch 8023

    Here is a testimonial from one their customers –
    “We use Alpine Air-Conditioning to service our fridge yearly, they are always efficient and quick. In emergencies they arrive asap and fix the problem promptly. I would definitely recommend their service to other business in Canterbury.”



    North Canterbury Refrigeration and Electrical offer commercial refrigeration installation and service. They provide cabinet chillers and commercial chiller units and freezers. They also offer heating, cooling and ventilation services in Christchurch and North Canterbury.

    Phone: 03 3125070/0800 636300/027 6363574
    Email: Not Available
    Address: Not Available

    They have a 5-star rating on Google but no reviews.



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