Hiring a Plumber? Don’t Make THIS Critical Mistake

Want a plumber to do a fitting for you? Want to save some money at the same time? It’s trending to buy cheap products online, order them in and get a plumber to install them for you to avoid any markup by a plumber. But be careful – what you pay for is often what you get.

Master Plumbers says there has been an influx of cheap imported plumbing products entering New Zealand. These products have a lack of regulation around their use.

Because of this, many plumbers have decided to write guarantees stating the plumbers won’t be liable when the cheap-ass imported products fail. Wow!

What if I found an insane deal for a tap online?


Christchurch plumber Peter Sutton reckons if you want to import your own products, you should really think twice.

“If you import products you will get a lot of dodgy stuff. I mean people are buying $300 showers and I get handed these $50 taps which just leak as soon as you install them.

“They [customers] give you things you have never seen in your whole life, it’s a free-for-all out there.”

Peter told Stuff.co.nz


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