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        YikeBikes Reclassified as Normal Bike

        By Jason Duop / 20 October 2014

        Christchurch company YikeBike is celebrating it’s recent reclassification success. After lobbying for nine years, the company’s electronic bikes have been reclassified from motor vehicles to a normal bike. This means instead of being restricted to roads, bikers can ride on footpaths, parks and roads if they drive carefully. But there is one restriction. Lincoln Sell […]


          Auckland Council Plans to Ban Open Fireplaces

          By Jason Duop / 10 October 2014

          The Auckland Council has announced plans to ban open fireplaces and old wood burners. The council estimates this plan will affect up to 85,000 homes within Auckland. These plans are set to be phased in over a few years. The council claimed that the burning of coal and wood raised the levels of pollutant PM10 inhaled […]

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