Auckland Council Plans to Ban Open Fireplaces

The Auckland Council has announced plans to ban open fireplaces and old wood burners. The council estimates this plan will affect up to 85,000 homes within Auckland. These plans are set to be phased in over a few years.

The council claimed that the burning of coal and wood raised the levels of pollutant PM10 inhaled and lodged in lungs. Every year 100 adults die due to the emissions from indoor fires.

Now maintaining a fire seems risky and some may wonder why the city council didn’t try ban open fireplaces earlier! For anyone wanting to replace their fireplaces with something safer and eventually more legal, a heat pump may be the way to go. According to the NZHerald, A new wood burner and flue can cost about $3500, heat pumps cost about $2000 for a small room, a 2000 watt heater costs less than $100 and four cubic meters of firewood costs around $400.

Even though heat pumps may not be the cheapest option, they are one of the most effective. They are also easier to maintain and not unsightly like many floor heaters. If you’re looking for heat pumps in Auckland, check out Goldstar heat pumps. If you are still unsure about which heat pump is right for you or if you should get a heat pump, request a free consultation.


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