Alarm Monitoring, how it works and how to choose a service provider in New Zealand

What is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm Monitoring is the process of monitoring burglar, fire, residential or commercial alarm systems through an alarm monitoring station or centre by a service provider.

Companies that provide alarm monitoring systems use special telephone/mobile lines, radio signals and other software to monitor the systems and in an emergency, they inform the authorities. So, all-all-in, this is a method of quick and detailed communication between your alarm system and the service provider, to ensure safety.

Technically, your alarm system’s control panel is equipped with a bunch of sensors, which may have smoke, motion, tamper, temperature, flood and more. Every time one of these sensors is triggered, a signal is sent to the monitoring station. Once the station receives a signal, they will make sure that the trigger is genuine by checking with you. If you are not available, they’ll go ahead and inform the right authorities, who will then check up on your property to make sure that the situation is handled.

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Alarm Monitoring in New Zealand

Alarm Monitoring companies in New Zealand are required to follow certain guidelines and be in compliance with the NZ Security Association, and are grades from A to C depending on their quality of compliance.

Some companies like Chubb Security in New Zealand also meet the requirements of the Australian standard AS2201, which is a high-quality combination of physical construction and operational performance.

Hiring an alarm monitoring service provider

If you have gotten an alarm system installed, and are thinking of getting alarm monitoring for your property, make sure to do your research and choose a service provider who has a high quality grade by the NZ security association. You want a service provider who is able to provide quick response in an emergency and is well-equipped and trained to do so.

Some companies even offer offsite monitoring of sensitive plant, building, computer room and production line alarms, as well as medical emergencies, smoke alarms and duress.

Chubb Security is a leading alarm monitoring service provide in New Zealand and the only centre to have an A1 compliance grade. So, get in touch with them if you are looking for alarm monitoring in New Zealand. They are present all over the country.

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