YikeBikes Reclassified as Normal Bike

20 October 2014

Christchurch company YikeBike is celebrating it’s recent reclassification success. After lobbying for nine years, the company’s electronic bikes have been reclassified from motor vehicles to a normal bike. This means instead of being restricted to roads, bikers can ride on footpaths, parks and roads if they drive carefully.

But there is one restriction. Lincoln Sell YikeBike CEO says, “If your height is right for the YikeBike then you can ride a yikebike – with a helmet.”

Watch the bike in action here:

Jeremy Bernstein, avid YikeBiker told 3 News,

“It’s always about being courteous to fellow pedestrians, but now it’s nice that we’ve got authority to ride on boulevards and footpaths and even the road if we ride carefully,” says Mr Bernstein. Mr Bernstein also says it’ll be nice to no longer draw the attention of police. “We can smile and they’ll hopefully smile back instead of just looking confused.”

The only thing he has to contend with now is the people wanting a ride on his bike.

For more information, read here at 3 News.


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