Warning: Videos of Building Horror Stories Don’t Shock Council

A lot of videos have been circulating Facebook of shobby construction. Vidoes so bad you think, “Wow… I”m so glad this isn’t in New Zealand” only to find out the video was shot in Auckland. Or Timaru. Or two towns over from your house. If you haven’t seem them, check out these videos on Stuff – but just a warning, they’re not for the fainthearted.

What if you discovered not one of the bolts used to hold your house to it’s structure was fastened? Or what if the blcosk haid laid themselves out over 30cm out of level. And imagine if this was in Christchurch! It’s unnerving at the very least.

However the Auckland Council’s Manager of building control Ian McCormick wasn’t really surprised about the videos. The only thing he was surprised at was how much could be wrong at one site. So your house could have these problems and the council wouldn’t be too surprised.

Considering that up to a third of all building inspections currently failing, you shouldn’t be surprised. Just make sure you book with a reputed master builder.

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