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Survplanz Ltd is a professional survey practice in Auckland. Director Mark Kasa has more than 18 years experiences in construction and cadastral surveying both in New Zealand and overseas. He is a Licensed Cadastral surveyor and a member of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors.

Survplanz Ltd offers a wide range of surveying services and specialises in small to medium sized development projects. We provide a seamless service from start to finish at any stage of the project.

Cross Lease update – If the buildings on site do not match your Cross Lease flats plan then your title is probably deficient. If this is the case then we advise that you update the Cross Lease flats plan before the prospective purchaser has identified that the footprint on the title is not the same as the one on the ground.

Updating the title is not a quick process, as it requires a Resource Consent from Council and agreement of the other owner of the cross lease land.

Cross Lease to Fee Simple Conversion – If you convert your cross-lease to fee simple, your property would have sold for more or you wouldn’t have to deal with your fellow landowner. In most cases, we recommend proactively changing to a full freehold title if possible – letting you fully control, protect and manage your asset. Contact us with more information about your property to discuss the possibility and cost of conversion.

Unit title subdivisions are typically used as the best means of providing separate titles to apartments and other high-density residential or commercial buildings. They are an important mechanism to give ownership to a piece of land that is related to a building or parts of a building.

The unit plan shows the principal units as well as any accessory units and common property in the development. It is the accurate record of the boundaries of the units, and includes common property. The boundaries between units are generally set using structures such as walls or fences.

Survplanz will manage the process of subdivision for you, we can talk you through the best options for your space and the relevant pros and cons associated with unit titling.

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