Why You Should NEVER Trust a Land Seller

We’ve all had great ideas about building our own home. What we don’t realise is just how time consuming and stressful it really is. Will builders cooperate? Will they get it right? What does a perfect kitchentop look like? One thing we forget to consider is the land you’re building your house in. No I’m […]

Read This BEFORE Buying a House in Auckland

Are you considering buying a house in Auckland? Housing costs may not be your biggest concern. Auckland City Council building inspectors reckon you should be much more concerned about the safety of your home. Auckland city council is currently failing about a third of all homes inspected. Yikes. Council members have been surprised by the […]

What it Takes to be Apprentice of the Year

Tall, buff, knows the difference between a hammer and a handsaw and is probably qualified. This is what used to cut it for apprentices in New Zealand. Now with competition tightening, this is starting to toughen up. But what does it take to be a great apprentice? Like the Registered Master Builders Carters 2015 Apprentice of the Year? The 2015 […]

NZ Welcomes First House Building Factory

New Zealand’s first factory turning out finished houses has opened in Wellington, aiming to produce up to 500 places annually. Even though this is less than the 1250 annual homes by the planned Auckland house factory, it is still an impressive feat! Sean Murrie, Matrix Homes chief executive and director, said “People are building components […]

How to build a house: Find a builder

The prospect of building a house is both exciting and terrifying. Eager home owners often want to rush the process because their vision for a home is overwhelming and they are nervous to get the project through right away. Unfortunately all this anticipation and restlessness leads to many overlooking the most important part of building […]

Labour Urges Building Competition

Labour Party’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says competition is essential to cut the costs of building materials. Even though New Zealander’s face lower incomes than their Australian counterparts, it costs up to 30% more to build a house here. In particular Twyford is concerned about German headquartered Knauf Plasterboard after it’s operation here was being […]