Security Tightens Over Festive Season

13 December 2014

Tis the season to be jolly not folly. Christmas has added responsibility to increase security measures to make Hamilton’s hospitality district a safe place to celebrate the festive season.

Lawresnon Group owner John Lawrenson is positive about the city’s security advances. He told Hamilton News, “There’s been some really good gains in improving the safety and desirability of Hamilton over the last three to four years, but we talked more about continuing to improve. So there will be a focus over the next month with Christmas approaching, you’ll see a lot more police in town. They’re not there because they think there are going to be problems but more as a preventative measure, so that people feel safe.”

Staff have also been “wired up” to prepare for any emergencies. Using an app on their phones, they can take pictures of suspicious people and track them.

Other experts in security are also willing to offer assistance. Chubb has locksmiths in Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Wellington and many other locations in New Zealand. These locksmiths are available any time, any day. This means that even Santa will have a hard time breaking in!

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