#1 Real Estate Sales Consultant Shares Secret to Success

14 January 2016

Shaun Cosgrave completely dominated the Harcourts regional awards in November, winning eight of the nine awards he was eligible for. The regional awards covered the July – September quarter and were highly competitive, encompassing all Harcourt’s sales consultants in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty region. The awards he received include:

  • #1 Residential Sales Consultant for July, August and September (one award per month)
  • #1 Auction Lister for the quarter
  • #1 Overall Sales Consultant (over all categories) for each month of the quarter (one award per month)
  • #1 Overall Sales Consultant for the Quarter.

The last and most prestigious award is what has kept Shaun Cosgrave’s position of being #1 in the region firmly held.

What is the secret to success?

Shaun has attributed his success to two main things: his reputation and his team. Shaun has held a long-standing reputation of getting the best results for clients. He said,

“We have clients come back to us again and again, whenever they are selling property. That to me is the best measurement of satisfied clients which is what a reputation is built on.”

But reputation alone won’t cut it. You also need a dedicated and informed team backing your efforts. As Shaun’s success continues to grow, he ensures his team grows accordingly:

“My team of sales staff this year has grown in the last year too. I think our customers love the benefits they get from having a dedicated team working together to sell their property”.

This all comes down to…

Respecting your clients! Although this is especially important in real estate, it matters no matter what your trade is.


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