How Lawn Drainage Instantly Adds Value to Your Property

When you’re looking into a property, what’s one of the first things you’ll see? Whether you’re buying a new house or a small business, one of the first things you will notice is the lawns. And let me tell you now, no one wants to buy a swampland.

Now let’s put yourself in the sellers shoes. You’ve worked tirelessly clipping hedges, dusting windowsills and yarning to real estate agents. Although your lawn is mowed one thing is for sure: it still looks like a bloody mess. Winter has just passed by so there’s nothing you can do about that right? Wrong.

What’s lawn drainage and why you need it

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Lawn drainage is just what it sounds like – it’s taking the excess water out of your lawns. But how it works is actually a little more complex then that.

Water can be sitting on your lawn for two reasons:

  1. Water is trickling down from other parts of your house, such as your roof or driveway, and just sits there. It’s just doing what gravity does and going to the lowest part of your lawn.
  2. The roots of your lawn have created a thick barrier preventing rain water from absorbing. Your soil may also be too compact.

If the water is trickling down you need to divert the excess water. This may be through fixing the drains leading the water to the same spot on your lawn. However if this problem has existed for a long time, it’s likely this area of your lawn has been seriously damaged and you’ll need lawn drainage.

If the problem is caused by your soil permeability then you will definitely need lawn drainage.

If you’re unsure why puddles are forming on your lawn, it’s always best to consult a drainage specialist.

Grass hates excess water but moss loves it

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To complete your swampland look, you need to start replacing your grass with a healthy dose of moss. Turf grass suffers from something called root rot if it sits in water for too long.

On the other hand, moss thrives in wet, damp soil. Not only is moss a bad look, it also indicates your lawn is damaged. It signposts soil is too damp to sustain flowering gardens or plants. It can also be a sign your soil is too acidic.

Sure you can kill moss with a herbicide. But this is only a short term fix and the moss is guaranteed to grow back. You need to treat the problem, and if puddles keep hanging around in your lawn, it’s almost definite the problem is poor drainage.

Get lawn drainage to actually impress your real estate drainage


Real estate agents can be hard to impress. If you think a buyer will be unimpressed with your lawn, imagine how the person hoping to sell it feels about walking through puddles!

Landscaping adds value to your house. Just how much value? Up to 28% of overall home value, says landscape economist John Harris. This is even more important in areas like Auckland where buyers are a dime a dozen but are incredibly picky.

If you’re looking for Auckland drainage experts to talk to about lawn drainage options, try Fox Drainage.


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