How to Get ANY Company (or client) to Hire You

7 November 2015

Are you still submitting countless CVs to faceless organizations only to hear back from a sorry few? Have you gotten on first-name basis with your local post office for all the applications you sent through the mail?

Or let’s say you’re already employed and are looking for new clients. Maybe you think your strategy is quite effective: email dozens of businesses and hope one bites. Or maybe you’ve upped your strategy by attending a few trade shows and promoting your trade there. Tell me: how effective has this been?

For too long, employment has revolved around quantity rather than quality. The idea is that if you send a mediocre CV or business proposal to hundreds of companies, at least one might have a position for you. But today this simply isn’t the case.

The tradie market is bloated with good blokes


Jim, Steve, Anne and Jo can all fix your sink for cheap and are qualified. You’re not the only person who can do your job well; not even close. And so why should a company or client hire you – because your piece of paper is more shiny than the other 40 applicants?


Spoiler alert: Your CV is not the major determinant in whether you get the job or not. For a moment, let’s imagine your wires blew a fuse and need to be fixed as quickly as possible. Who do you hire? The PHD over-qualified electrician? The electrician who trained under her father for the past five years? Or the to-the-point electrician who can explain exactly what happened to your fuse, what needs to be done, and can demonstrate how to fix it?

Hiring isn’t about education or experience. It’s about proven fit. Proven fit. You need to be able to demonstrate why you can be a better fit for a job than any other applicant. Do you really think you can prove your fit through words? No – especially not for a field as practical as the trades.

Your CV/Proposal might land you an interview.. here’s what to do next


It’s time to prove you can do the job before doing the job. Confused? It’s quite simple – you need to do a pre-interview project.

You already know what sort of work you will be doing for the company or client. So you need to demonstrate you can do this work by a self-initiated project. Are you renovating homes like Waikato renovations experts Roger Ramsey? Don’t send a company pitch – send a personalized pitch about the most common house problems and how you can fix them for less.

Are you looking for an architecture project for an expanding bank? Send them a mock-up of a new economic design. The options are only as limitless as your potential to do the job.


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