Anthem Homes

Anthem Homes, is a Hamilton business which has enjoyed great success for over 15 years. From the very beginning, we have valued building homes by creating a partnership between ourselves and our clients. This has remained the core foundation to the Anthem Homes community – Blessing families with exceptional homes.

Our strong people-orientated culture is why our clients achieve their dream home, whilst ensuring they get the best value for the money. We build homes that suit the needs, budget, and style of our clients. We are people working with people, and ensure that our clients receive an Anthem Home, built with excellence.

Guiding our activity, decisions and interactions are the following principles:

  • Be a Team – Teamwork is the key to delivering the best possible outcomes. We consider and treat our clients as part of our team, the team that will deliver something special for them
  • Speak Life – We understand that words have creative power. We focus our thoughts, words and actions, to find ways that meet the specific needs of our clients, so that we can transform something ordinary into extraordinary
  • Be good – We value fairness highly. Our dealings with our clients, staff, suppliers and tradesmen are all valued equally, and will go the extra mile to achieve our promises


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