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How to be A Successful Locksmith

18 May 2021

      According to Competenz, one of New Zealand’s industry training organisations, locksmiths provide: “security for homes, businesses and other assets. Locksmiths secure premises and provide security advice as well as open jammed or broken locks, make replacement keys, unlock vehicles, buildings or safes and help law enforcement agencies with evictions, repossessions, search warrants […]


Truck Parts for Tradies

14 May 2021

A guy walks into an auto parts store and says “I need a gas cap for my truck out there.”The guy behind the counter takes a look outside, thinks for a second, and says… “OK, sounds like a fair trade.” Let’s be honest… buying parts can be a considerable investment in keeping your truck / […]


How much does alarm monitoring cost in New Zealand?

16 November 2020

What is alarm monitoring? Alarm monitoring is signal communication between your home security system and your alarm monitoring provider’s control centre. The control panel of your alarm system registers an emergency event and sends a signal to the central monitoring station. How does alarm monitoring work? Typically, when your security alarm goes off, the response […]


How to reduce electricity costs in New Zealand

30 September 2020

If you live in one of the colder cities in NZ, you are likely to be paying a considerable amount of money on your electricity bills through the year. Wonder which appliances are costing you the most and how you can reduce electrical costs? You’d be surprised. Electricity costs for household appliances and how to […]

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