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Builder Sells Multimillion Dollar Land to Recover from Debt

2 January 2016

The housing crisis isn’t just hitting home buyers. A Hamilton building company has been ordered to sell $3.4 million of land by the High Court. All of this revenue will go straight to repaying debt. New Settler Homes, directed by Lijun Zhang, borrowed a significant amount of money from Aucklander Xiaozhen Liu. And when the […]


What it Takes to be Apprentice of the Year

16 December 2015

Tall, buff, knows the difference between a hammer and a handsaw and is probably qualified. This is what used to cut it for apprentices in New Zealand. Now with competition tightening, this is starting to toughen up. But what does it take to be a great apprentice? Like the Registered Master Builders Carters 2015 Apprentice of the Year? The 2015 […]


Spoiler: The Block Loses it’s Best Builder From This Unbelievable Blunder

2 November 2015

Spoiler alert: This artcile contains spoilers for future episodes of The Block NZ. You have been warned. The Block NZ has lost it’s best builder as Scotsman Martin Laidlaw was forced to leave the country. Laidlaw needed to quit midway through filming the TV3 reality show as his work visa had expired. Despite the intense rivalry between […]


Auckland Council Plans to Ban Open Fireplaces

10 October 2014

The Auckland Council has announced plans to ban open fireplaces and old wood burners. The council estimates this plan will affect up to 85,000 homes within Auckland. These plans are set to be phased in over a few years. The council claimed that the burning of coal and wood raised the levels of pollutant PM10 inhaled […]

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