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      Auckland Electrical Company That Used Faulty Cables, Not Being Prosecuted by WorkSafe

      7 August 2018

      Yesterday, NZ Herald revealed that the electrical company in Auckland, Lyon Electrical, which fitted 19 Auckland buildings with a cable that could become brittle, break and set fire within 5 years, is not going to be prosecuted by Worksafe, New Zealand’s health and safety regulator. A report by Worksafe on this case shows that Lyon […]


        Is New Zealand really safe?

        13 July 2018

        New Zealand is known to be one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world, with its beautiful landscapes, rivers, volcanos. New Zealand is exceptionally safe when compared to so many other high-crime countries out there like Brazil, United States or Germany. However, the real question here is, is New Zealand just safe […]


          How Hamilton Became the New Auckland.

          16 October 2016

          Exactly seven months ago an article was published on NZ Herald about the flood of Auckland home buyers investing in Hamilton. Shaun Cosgrave predicted this growth to continue throughout the year saying, “I personally feel there is still going to be growth this year. The fact that the OCR has dropped, and may potentially drop […]


            Kiwi’s Anticipate Another Fan Shortage this Summer

            8 October 2016

            Do you remember the 2016 fan shortage? Sticky kiwis could be found all over the country as almost every retailer reported selling out on electric fans. Retailers were saying they needed to order three times their usual stock. Fans that would normally be seldom touched by customers were selling out – including fans as expensive […]

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