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Cosgrave Brings Home Success from Harcourts International Awards

19 June 2016

Bringing home yet another victory for New Zealand, Shaun Cosgrave has been placed as the eighth top sales consultant in the world in the 2016 Harcourts International Conference. This position not only places Shaun as the top sales consultant in Harcourts in the Waikato, but it also places him as the top salesperson in New […]


Builder Sells Multimillion Dollar Land to Recover from Debt

2 January 2016

The housing crisis isn’t just hitting home buyers. A Hamilton building company has been ordered to sell $3.4 million of land by the High Court. All of this revenue will go straight to repaying debt. New Settler Homes, directed by Lijun Zhang, borrowed a significant amount of money from Aucklander Xiaozhen Liu. And when the […]


Here Today, Tech Tomorrow

23 May 2015

Perhaps we have all been a bit slow to recognise the impact of the digital revolution on the labour market. Well-intentioned but misguided parents are pushing for their children to pursue careers in medicine, law and finance. All the while these sort of careers are slowly heading down the drain. It is suggested by […]


Auckland’s ‘Birthday’ Isn’t Historically accurate – But It Fits Perfectly!

30 March 2015

Auckland Anniversary was a greatly celebrated event on January 29th. But what does this date really mean? Very little apparently. It was the day in 1840 when the warship HMS Herald first dropped anchor in the Bay of Islands, carrying Captain William Hobson, the governor-to-be, charged with persuading Maori chiefs to place their lands under British […]

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