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Your Open-Plan Home is in the Past

By Jason Duop / 27 June 2016

Give me some space. Open-plan homes were a perfect choice in the 50’s when optimists thought everyone could live together in harmony and family should always be together. But the 50’s were sixty years ago. And oh boy, have times changed. The shift from open plan to broken plan Architects are trending more and more More Info »


Are These New Zealand’s Ugliest Buildings?

By Jason Duop / 2 May 2016

Architects, designers and anyone who doesn’t want eyesores, shield your eyes. The New Zealand population have spoken and agreed these are some of the ugliest fmaous buildings from around the country. Flick through the gallery and choose for yourself which one decides the title of ugliest building in NZ. You might even see a building More Info »


Read This BEFORE Buying a House in Auckland

By Jason Duop / 28 April 2016

Are you considering buying a house in Auckland? Housing costs may not be your biggest concern. Auckland City Council building inspectors reckon you should be much more concerned about the safety of your home. Auckland city council is currently failing about a third of all homes inspected. Yikes. Council members have been surprised by the More Info »


Christchurch Recycled Brick Home Takes Rubble to Ritz [Photos]

By Jason Duop / 27 November 2015

When the Christchurch earthquake hit in 2011, it left mass destruction. It also left more bricks than the city Government could deal with! Christchurch has been long known for it’s rustic and antique buildings, built with bricks in rich hues. So what happened to all these bricks, you may ask? A little bit of good ol’ kiwi More Info »


Standard of Renovations Prompt Electricians To Compensate

By Jason Duop / 28 February 2015

It’s a story told all too often. Someone contracts a renovator only to be shocked with how poorly they performed. Kerrie Hardgrave shared her experiences on a website after she felt ripped off. However this story does have a positive twist! Three electricians were prompted to work for free to complete unfinished and uncertified wiring. One of those More Info »


NZ Welcomes First House Building Factory

By Jason Duop / 9 February 2015

New Zealand’s first factory turning out finished houses has opened in Wellington, aiming to produce up to 500 places annually. Even though this is less than the 1250 annual homes by the planned Auckland house factory, it is still an impressive feat! Sean Murrie, Matrix Homes chief executive and director, said “People are building components More Info »


How to build a house: Find a builder

By Jason Duop / 25 January 2015

The prospect of building a house is both exciting and terrifying. Eager home owners often want to rush the process because their vision for a home is overwhelming and they are nervous to get the project through right away. Unfortunately all this anticipation and restlessness leads to many overlooking the most important part of building More Info »


Record year for commercial property sales

By Jason Duop / 11 January 2015

The road in construction is never straight; there are always bumps. Take for example the Auckland housing market – one step forward seemed to bring two steps back… and media scrutiny! However this year wasn’t all bad in the New Zealand property market. Quite the opposite actually! The volume of commercial property sales in New More Info »


Church has Big Vision for Site

By Jason Duop / 31 December 2014

The Majestic Church in Christchurch has big plans for it’s new site. The church wants to build a chapel, auditorium, art studios, cafe apartments and a multi-story carpark building. You may have figured this is no small family church! Backed by 900 members, the church has 900 members willing to support the rebuild. The church More Info »

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