The best types of safes to buy


Do you have to have an expensive watch or jewellery or important documents that you need to keep safe at work or home? In overseas countries safety deposit boxes are common, but they are very rare in New Zealand. This leads to many people in New Zealand storing expensive valuables and documents insecurely in their […]

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Craftsmanship at Hamilton Builders – Urban Homes

hamilton and coromandel master builders craftsmanship in the kitchen

Creating with passion, care, and attention to detail Hamilton and Coromandel builders, Urban Homes, are consistently recognised for excellence at the Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards. One of the awards they feel most proud of, is the craftsmanship award – for superior attention to detail in all aspects of the build project, including selection, […]

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Types of Commercial Refrigeration Systems

21 January 2021

Commercial refrigeration systems have a wide range of applications in different industries like in farms, restaurants and supermarkets. Commercial refrigeration systems consist of a refrigeration circuit, which works with a vapor compressor absorption system to dry and cool the air. It is important for commercial spaces to have an efficient refrigeration system that keeps goods […]

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