The Best Way to Spend your $40 Million Lotto Winnings

I’m going to win Lotto this weekend. Well I’d like to think I will. Here’s what I plan on doing with my winnings – and if I don’t win, here’s what you could do!


You could use your winnings to buy a private jet. Or…

Firstly, here are the boring, serious stuff you should consider…

Build a luxury home


You just won Lotto. All that money sitting pretty in your bank will make your leaky house which only gives hot showers 50% of the time seem, well, cheap. You’re a multimillionaire now! Live a little.

You will have a lot to think about now. You probably won’t have time to custom build a perfect house from scratch. So I’d recommend taking a house and land package from master builders and renovations in Hamilton Urban Homes.

These packages take a prime piece of land and hand you a design – you just sign off on the design and mention any alterations and woolah. There’s your dream home.

Total cost: $1.2 million

Secure your home


So you’ve got this amazing house now – unfortunately robbers will also find your house pretty amazing. So the first thing you need to do is ensure your home is properly secured.

Get the most expensive security system you can. This will only put a small dent in your winnings but will be worth it. Make sure you get monitoring as well.

Total cost: $2500 (See? Small dent in your $40 million!)

Now onto the fun things

Let your house vacuum itself with Central Vac


You’re probably thinking of who you can trust to clean your incredible six bedroom seven bathroom new estate. Good news: here’s one less chore to do.

There’s a cool new system called Central Vac which is a super-suction inbuilt vaccum which sucks all your dust and mess into convenient inlet ports into collection bins (usually in the basement).

Cost: $3000

Steam shower

photo-1415226078945-eba35fbf36fb (1)

Nothing like a nice, hot, steamy shower. And steam showers are the new era of luxury – steam relaxes, soothes muscles and cleans pores. Your skin will love it – and you will too.

But just cause you’re rich, doesn’t mean you’re immune to every day problems like condensation. Fix this with a sloped roof.

Cost: Fiberglass units are $1000-$5000.

Infinity pool


The epitome of luxury. The ultimate sign that you have a few dollars to your name. The infinity pool.

Cost: An elaborate one can cost over $100,000. So let’s say you want a fancy one for $110,000.

The rest of life

With all this spending, you still have about $38.68 million to sit on comfortably for the rest of your life. Now what would you do?



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