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    Hiring a Plumber? Don’t Make THIS Critical Mistake

    By Jason Duop / 20 August 2016

    Want a plumber to do a fitting for you? Want to save some money at the same time? It’s trending to buy cheap products online, order them in and get a plumber to install them for you to avoid any markup by a plumber. But be careful – what you pay for is often what […]


      Which NZ city costs $11,000 More than Auckland to Live?

      By Jason Duop / 28 July 2016

      Let’s talk about the house prices in Auckland. Just kidding – you don’t need another blogger rattling off about how much it costs to live in Auckland AKA the city with the 5th most expensive house prices in the world. But what about when it comes to living in Auckland as an average Joe? Is […]


        The Best Way to Spend your $40 Million Lotto Winnings

        By Jason Duop / 8 July 2016

        I’m going to win Lotto this weekend. Well I’d like to think I will. Here’s what I plan on doing with my winnings – and if I don’t win, here’s what you could do! Firstly, here are the boring, serious stuff you should consider… Build a luxury home You just won Lotto. All that money sitting […]


          Rentvesting: How Smarter Kiwi’s are Retiring

          By Jason Duop / 30 June 2016

          Are you a rentvester? Do you even know what rentvesting is? In short, it could be the new Kiwi dream. Rentvesting is buying a house and renting it out often to secure a place for retirement Rentvesting is essentially the clever Kiwi’s way of securing their own home in a location they love at today’s […]


            Your Open-Plan Home is in the Past

            By Jason Duop / 27 June 2016

            Give me some space. Open-plan homes were a perfect choice in the 50’s when optimists thought everyone could live together in harmony and family should always be together. But the 50’s were sixty years ago. And oh boy, have times changed. The shift from open plan to broken plan Architects are trending more and more […]


              Surprising Colour Trick to Selling a Red Hot House

              By Jason Duop / 27 June 2016

              There’s a little trick interior designers, architects and builders have been using to make buildings sell. This trick is to make the design red hot. In the pre-historic days of building and interior design (let’s call these days the pre-2010’s) colour theory was all the rage. Different colours evoked different emotions and some colours drew […]


                Cosgrave Brings Home Success from Harcourts International Awards

                By Jason Duop / 19 June 2016

                Bringing home yet another victory for New Zealand, Shaun Cosgrave has been placed as the eighth top sales consultant in the world in the 2016 Harcourts International Conference. This position not only places Shaun as the top sales consultant in Harcourts in the Waikato, but it also places him as the top salesperson in New […]


                  Are These New Zealand’s Ugliest Buildings?

                  By Jason Duop / 2 May 2016

                  Architects, designers and anyone who doesn’t want eyesores, shield your eyes. The New Zealand population have spoken and agreed these are some of the ugliest fmaous buildings from around the country. Flick through the gallery and choose for yourself which one decides the title of ugliest building in NZ. You might even see a building […]


                    Read This BEFORE Buying a House in Auckland

                    By Jason Duop / 28 April 2016

                    Are you considering buying a house in Auckland? Housing costs may not be your biggest concern. Auckland City Council building inspectors reckon you should be much more concerned about the safety of your home. Auckland city council is currently failing about a third of all homes inspected. Yikes. Council members have been surprised by the […]


                      The New Auckland Housing Crisis

                      By Jason Duop / 26 February 2016

                      Auckland might lose it’s position as being the most unlivable city in New Zealand – despite the Auckland City Council’s efforts to make it the most livable city in the world. Instead Wellington prices are slowly creeping up as Auckland’s red-hot market cools off. So how much do you need to save to live in […]

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