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    Be Prepared: Wet Weather Essentials for Tradies

    By Jason Duop / 18 February 2020

      Whether you’re on a boat, a roof or a construction site – being prepared for cold, slippery, gale force conditions can mean the difference between life and death. Or, at the very least, getting the job done without also getting chilblains and blisters.   The obvious waterproof trousers and foul weather jackets aside, do […]


      6 Best Home Alarm Systems in The Market

      By Jason Duop / 17 February 2020

      Your home is a place where you want to feel safe and secure. For that, you need a security system that is reliable enough to provide you with the peace of mind you are searching for. Here are some of these systems that have been assessed in terms of major features before terming these home […]


        Why you should recycle your batteries

        By Jason Duop / 10 December 2019

        As a society, we are dependent on technology and electronics and the waste associated with these products only continues to grow.   The batteries used to power all of our devices are a big part of that waste, and it is important that these are properly recycled.   To date, there are no legal requirements […]


          5 Ways to Avoid a Car Loan Ripoff

          By Jason Duop / 29 July 2019

          Car financing is expensive, and the longer you pay it off, the more you’ll pay. In this article, MoneyHub.co.nz researcher Ch ristopher Walsh outlines five ways to cut down the cost of car loans without compromising on save money on the car itself.   #1 Get car financing agreed BEFORE you hunt for a car […]


            Wired vs wireless security systems

            By Jason Duop / 28 June 2019

            When determining the type of security camera or system you need, it is critical to understand the difference between wired security systems and wireless security systems. While it can seem pretty intuitive at first, the nuances between the three lie in the details. We know there’s a lot to consider when choosing a security system, […]


              Tips On How to Manage Your Bathroom Renovation well

              By Jason Duop / 27 June 2019

              Getting your bathroom renovated can be a stress-free process if you go about it the right way and get the right people to do the job. Follow these ten simple steps to get yourself the ideal bathroom that you want. Ideas for your bathroom renovation    If you want to renovate your bathroom and don’t […]


                Alarm Monitoring, how it works and how to choose a service provider in New Zealand

                By Jason Duop / 17 October 2018

                What is Alarm Monitoring? Alarm Monitoring is the process of monitoring burglar, fire, residential or commercial alarm systems through an alarm monitoring station or centre by a service provider. Companies that provide alarm monitoring systems use special telephone/mobile lines, radio signals and other software to monitor the systems and in an emergency, they inform the […]


                  What services do mobile locksmiths offer?

                  By Jason Duop / 20 September 2018

                  A locksmith is someone who works with keys, locks and security systems. Mobile locksmiths are people who offer similar services on the go. So, if you are locked out of your car, or your home, a mobile locksmith will travel to you to fix your problem. Since these situations are usually emergency based and occur […]

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