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    The best types of safes to buy

    By Saranya / 2 April 2019

    Do you have to have an expensive watch or jewellery or important documents that you need to keep safe at work or home? In overseas countries safety deposit boxes are common, but they are very rare in New Zealand. This leads to many people in New Zealand storing expensive valuables and documents insecurely in their More Info »


      Alarm Monitoring, how it works and how to choose a service provider in New Zealand

      By Jason Duop / 17 October 2018

      What is Alarm Monitoring? Alarm Monitoring is the process of monitoring burglar, fire, residential or commercial alarm systems through an alarm monitoring station or centre by a service provider. Companies that provide alarm monitoring systems use special telephone/mobile lines, radio signals and other software to monitor the systems and in an emergency, they inform the More Info »


        5 Benefits of Using a Professional Locksmith Service

        By david / 1 June 2017

        Majority of people always don’t think about a mobile locksmith unless they are confronted by a situation. It’s normally a bad experience when you leave your home keys in the room even after you have walked out of the door. Or leaving your car keys inside the car and you’ve locked it. When you find More Info »


          The Best Way to Spend your $40 Million Lotto Winnings

          By Jason Duop / 8 July 2016

          I’m going to win Lotto this weekend. Well I’d like to think I will. Here’s what I plan on doing with my winnings – and if I don’t win, here’s what you could do! Firstly, here are the boring, serious stuff you should consider… Build a luxury home You just won Lotto. All that money sitting More Info »


            Find the Best Security System in Three Simple Steps

            By Jason Duop / 24 December 2014

            You may know you need to update your home or business security systems in the new year. But since the market is flooded with so many options and sites use a lot of technical jargon, the process all seems really difficult. But it doesn’t need to be. Here are three simple steps to finding the More Info »


              How to Make Your House Santa Proof

              By Jason Duop / 20 December 2014

              You may take pride in how secure your house is. But is it secure enough to keep an internationally renown intruder from breaking in? If your house santa proof? Not every intruder comes bearing gifts and drinking milk. Most intrusions are a lot more sinister than that. Protecting your family and possessions is a a lot more More Info »


                Security Tightens Over Festive Season

                By Jason Duop / 13 December 2014

                Tis the season to be jolly not folly. Christmas has added responsibility to increase security measures to make Hamilton’s hospitality district a safe place to celebrate the festive season. Lawresnon Group owner John Lawrenson is positive about the city’s security advances. He told Hamilton News, “There’s been some really good gains in improving the safety More Info »